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Computer Help
Welcome to AvaOnTheWeb!

Ava has been involved in the Computer Consulting business for over 10 years. Her company specializes in Internet Consulting, Troubleshooting PC software and hardware for individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations, Recently expanding her business to include Web design, Site hosting and Domain registration services.  She is happy to share her knowledge with her website visitors!

Words to know:
Noun: A hardware and/or software system designed to prevent unauthorized access into a business or individual's private computer network or internet.

Example Sentence: The company's firewall prevented a Hacker from accessing private data on business servers.


A program that randomly rotates the banner ads that are seen by users on a Web site so that each time the site is visited or refreshed a different banner ad will appear on the screen. Banner ads are frequently used
in Web advertising because it's usually cheaper than
paying to place a regular ad on a Web site. 
Also called a banner ad rotator.

Windows Tips:
To change the default printer, open the printer control
screen from the Start Button, then go to Settings, and
choose Printers. Right click the printer you
want as the default printer. On the menu that pops up, click
'Set Printer as Default' and a checkmark should appear (if
not already there). Now the selected printer is default.

Outlook Tips
If you want to access Outlook files from your browser, type the following in IE's Address box.

To open your inbox: Outlook:inbox

To open your Contact List: Outlook:contacts

To open your Calendar: Outlook:calendar

To open a specific message: Outlook:inbox/~subjectofmessage

Tip from visitor Kate:
Hey I like your tip for Outlook to find a particular email.
Way cool! Here's one you could post.
Rightclick on any empty space on your toolbar and check out all the options the context menu will show!

I highy recommend this easy to use site and their products!
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The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.

Vince Lombardi
Ava says: So true when your working on the computer!

People w/ computer

Articles by Ava on Free email accounts and managing your email with Outlook coming soon!

Stay tuned for information useful for more advanced users!

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