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Welcome to AvaOnTheWeb!

Homeschooling had been the most fulfilling part of my life, and has shown many benefits to my daughter! If a single mom like me with no support can do it, and work at home, you can too! Just have patience :) This site is for families of any sort of education, Homeschool, Private School, and Public School!
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Homeschooling Organizations

Alternative Education Resource Organization
Apple Family and Homeschool Group
Genesis Commission - Umbrella group of three individual organizations
New York Home Educators Alliance

Educational Sites

Family-oriented educational games and links
Homework sites, arranged by age and subject.

How Stuff Works-Learn how everything works!

Entertaining and funny PBS Educational program for kids and adults!

Social Studies

Access World History
Arranged by Middle School National Social Studies Standards and Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Projects of National Significance

Ancient Egypt

Learn about the 50 states and territories!

The biggest resource on history of the Roman Empire !

USS Constitution is America's most treasured ship.
Now, she can come to life for your students as never before through All Hands on Deck:
Learning Adventures Aboard "Old Ironsides"!
This interdisciplinary curriculum comes with an accompanying video tape and integrates geography, math, social studies, arts & crafts, history, science, language arts and more in 14 lessons for grades K-12

USS Constitution Museum -Teachers Curriculum-valid 2003/2004 School Year

Government for Kids

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

The Dept of Justice explains the justice system so kids (and adults!) can understand it.

For Teaching:

Lots of background info and a lesson plan!

The National Constitution Center

9/11 as History

Free worksheets, free worksheet-makers, graphic organizer-makers, rubric-makers and other resources!

Education for the whole family

Mastery TV

Learn from Homeschooling families!

Teacher w/pre-school students

Stepping Stone Academy http://www.geocities.com/ssasonnier/  We have lots of free stuff - including hands on activites, field trip ideas and Sonlight Curriculum add ons as well as general resources for getting started in homeschooling.

The Homeschool Mom

Adult Education

InstantCert Academy

To have your site listed here, please email avaontheweb@yahoo.com Thanks!

Art Instruction

Art Instruction Schools


Sesame Street is the best show for toddlers, kids, and parents!
If you let them watch only one show, let it be Sesame Street!


Please shop for your educational resources below!

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A book by John Taylor Gatto-Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum...A great book to get you started and thinking! Order it here!

More Educational Articles to follow